“Come unto me”

What does it even mean to “come unto Christ”?  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately to see how i can help others really come unto Christ and help them feel the power and relovance that i feel.  I love this picture because he has his hands and arms open to us.  When i think of coming unto Christ i think of a little kid running up to his dad that has his arms wide open for a hug and comfort.  God really is our loving Father in Heaven and He has sacrificed His Son Jesus Christ for us so that we can quite literally come unto him.  His whole plan is for us to return to Him again; the only way possible to do that is through our Savior Jesus Christ.  How do we go through the Savior?  Through what he has laid out as his gospel; his gospel is the only way we can have that relief and peace we’ve always been looking for.  His gospel has shown us that its through baptism and repentance, just as Moroni 8:25 says, we have to use his atonement.  He suffered the most excruciating pain for you and I; all he wants now is for us to use it and to come back home to him.  This is our great message to the world as missionaries; that authority we need to be baptized with is here on the earth again, we invite you to find out for yourselves and “come unto Christ”.




Have you ever heard the voice of the GPS when you miss a turn that says “recalculating” over and over again.  Obviously when that happens you missed the turn right?  There are a lot of times in life when we “miss the turns”.  But what is the whole purpose of the GPS if we arent going to use it and obey its directions?  Being in a new area for two years there are a lot of times where i have no idea where i am going!  So i rely on my GPS, and still of course there are some times when i think i know better than the GPS and i try to do it by myself; but then of course… “recalculating” happens.  This is exactly the same with living life everyday!  We go into new areas and new lands everyday and almost all of the time we have no idea where to go.  The Lord is kind enough to supply us with a GPS though.  When we are baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by someone holding the priesthood authority then we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Just like a GPS the Holy Ghost has a birds eye view of everything around us and also the future road ahead of us.  Although the Holy Ghost wont be quite as loud as the GPS; we still have to listen to it and follow its directions.  When we follow the Spirit we can get to where the Lord wants us to go a lot faster and smoother.  I know that the Holy Ghost is real and that each and everyone of us can have it as a constant companion for help along the road of life.

Dont be afraid of who you are

Sometimes its hard to stand up courageously for who we are.  A lot of the time we are more worried about what others think of us rather than what the Lord thinks of us and what he would have us do.  Check out this story about Joseph F. Smith and how he became strong and proud of who he was. 

“It was back into that world that nineteen-year-old Joseph F. Smith drove his team and wagon. One evening the little company with which he traveled had barely made camp before a company of drunken men rode in on horseback, cursing and swearing and threatening to kill. Some of the older men, when they heard the riders coming, had gone down into the brush by the creek, waiting out of sight for the band to pass. But young Joseph F. had been out a distance from the camp gathering wood for the fire and so was not aware of the potential problem. With the openness of youth he walked back toward the camp, only to realize too late the difficult circumstance he now faced almost totally alone.

His first thought was to drop the wood and run toward the creek, seeking shelter in the trees in his flight. Then the thought came to him, “Why should I run from [my faith]?” With that compelling sense of loyalty firmly in his mind, he continued to carry his armful of wood to the edge of the fire. As he was about to deposit his load, one of the ruffians, pistol cocked and pointed squarely at the young man’s head, cursed as only a drunken rascal can and demanded in a loud, angry voice, “I’m a killer of Mormons, boy. Are you a Mormon?”

Without a moment of hesitation and looking the heathen directly in the eye, Joseph F., scarcely old enough to be entering the MTC, boldly answered, “Yes, siree; died in the wool; true blue, through and through.”

The answer was given so boldly and without any sign of fear that it completely disarmed this belligerent man. In his bewilderment he put down his pistol, grasped the young missionary by the hand, and said, “Well, you are the– –bravest man I ever met! Shake, young fellow, I’m glad to see a lad that stands up for his convictions.”

Years later, while serving as the president of the Church, Joseph F. Smith said that he truly expected to take at point-blank range the full charge from the barrel of that man’s pistol. But he also said that after his initial inclination to run, it never again entered his mind to do anything but stand up for his beliefs and face the death that appeared to be the inevitable result of such conviction. (Taken from Joseph Fielding Smith, Life of Joseph F. Smith [Salt Lake City: Deseret News Press, 1938], p. 188­89.)”

Think about how you can stand up for what you believe in…

Climbing the Mountain

Okay, were going to go climb a mountain; look way up there to the peak, thats our end goal, were going to make it to the top.  When we know what our end goal is then we can do everything we can to get there and all of the small steps from the beginning to the end goal take care of themselves; as long as we keep that end goal in mind and keep going forward.  As a missionary inviting people to come unto Christ, baptism is our end goal and is where were looking forward to.  Although in our purpose there are the other steps of Faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, and Repentance; by having that end goal of baptism in mind then the smaller steps take care of themselves.  To be baptized we have to obey certain commandments that the Lord has given us; we may not obey them all at first so we have to repent and change our ways to more closer to baptism.  Our faith grows fastest and strongest when we obey the commandments of God and repent.  See how we had that end goal of baptism in our sights then faith and repentance took care of themselves.  Just like climbing a mountain; if we would only look 10 feet in front of us then stop at each 10 feet then it would be so much easier to give up and turn back; plus it takes you longer to climb the mountain.  Baptism is central to our purpose and is the gateway that the Savior has shown us to enter into.  Through the gospel of Jesus Christ is how we come to know our Savior and come to truly understand the person he wants us to be.

Waiting to explode!

Have you ever seen a milk jug or a pop bottle ready to explode?  Where the bottle has so much pressure inside you can see it ready to blow up?   The Lord is exactly like that pop bottle and is just holding in so much pressure.  The things that he is holding in is blessings; he has so many blessings ready to open up and explode on us that he can barely hold onto them.  All we have to do is open up the cap of that bottle and let the blessings pour out.  But how do we open up the cap?  Thats a good question im glad you asked.  In Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21 the Lord tells us exactly how we can get these blessings and open up the cap.  We have to keep the commandments; keeping the commandments is the action in how we open up the cap of the bottle.  It may not be a rapid opening, we may just open it by one tiny turn to the next.  But eventually the Lord will “open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. ” (Malachi 3:10)  I have been drenched by the blessings of the Lord because of keeping the commandments; and ive also been bone dry by not keeping the commandments.  You too can be soaked in his blessing when you keep the commandments and can feel of his love he has for you.

Depends on the Cause

On a car battery there is a positive and a negative; they work together to start the car and to get it running.  Think of the biggest earth moving machine you have ever seen; now think of how that starts?  By a battery that has a negative and a positive and when they are both working then you can start the huge machine.  Thats where it all starts is with the battery; everything else in the engine depends on that battery, not to mention all the work to be done.  Out on the mission everything depends on a companionship; we are placed in twos or threes and if we arent working together and dont have the Spirit then nothing will get started, and not to mention none of the work will get done.  Just like in war you attack the one thing that everything else relys upon.  Satan does this exactly; there are so many people that rely on us as a companionship that we cant let him stop us.  In marriage, work, or even sports the unity of the relationships is the outcome for every other cause.  The Lord can pull us through satans traps and can help us discern his wise ways.  Pray and ask the Lord for help through satans deceiving traps; he will help you, i promise.

You had to be there!

Have you ever tried to tell someone about an awesome experience you had or about something amazing that they just need to try but they dont get it and dont listen?!  Almost like a “you had to be there” kind of joke?  Thats how i feel about the Book of Mormon!  I feel sometimes like i am begging people to just read the Book of Mormon so they can feel what i feel and see what i see.  They can know the truth!  But they never take the time to open it and find out for themselves.  Just like that “you had to be there joke” is the same thing with the Book of Mormon; except one thing, they can be there!  You can be in there personally every time you read it and “liken” the scriptures to yourself.  We have to put ourself into the Book and look for the answers we need in our life.  On our way to the library today we stopped and talked to a guy on the street for a good 30 minutes; the whole time he was testifying of the truth he knows and he was telling us his concerns about things he doesnt know.  We offered a Book of Mormon to him and asked if he would read it; he didnt take it, we offered again…didnt take it.  All i could think about was if only you would read this Book then all your questions would be answered and you would have a better testimony of that truth you already have.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and it devestates me when people wont take a chance to learn more truth and find that satisfaction they’ve been looking for their whole lives.  I ask you to just try it, and take a bite for yourself; dont take my word for it, take Gods word for it if it is true.